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Find out what causes and triggers Baboon Syndrome.
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Information on the effects and symptoms of Baboon Syndrome.
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Find out what to look for and how to diagnose Baboon Syndrome.
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What do you need to know about treating Baboon Syndrome?
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Introduction is an online guide with information and resources dedicated to the rare medical condition that is Baboon Syndrome.

While the name may be one of the least attractive and most humerous in the medical dicitionary, the symptoms and effects felt by sufferers are not pleasant.

Affecting less than 1 in 100,000 people this rare condition first described in 1984 is commonly defined by a red rash similar to that of a Baboon's bum.
Your online resource for collated information on Baboon Syndrome.

Information and advice

Although provides information and content on Baboon Syndrome, it has been collated for general information purposes.

You should always consult your local doctor or medical center if you have any questions. 

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